St Helens Fishing Spots

St Helens

St Helens includes creeks, flats, channels, mangroves, islands and rocky areas. All the ingredients for good fishing and crabbing. Land based fishing is restricted mainly to the beach, where good fishing can be found at high tide near the picnic area. There are boat ramps at Murry Creek and Victor Creek. Fishing is usually good around the islands, with reef fish near  Brothers Islands, and Lonely Rock. The usual barramundi techniques apply, fishing low tide gutters with lures, and deep holes with live bait. Whiting, bream, javelin fish and flathead are the most reliable catches.

St Helens Fishing Spots Map, Click to enlarge

St Helens Fishing Spots Map, Click to enlarge


  1. St Helens, mid-upper tide.
  2. Murry Creek boat ramp on Little Bogga rd. Turn off the Bruce Hwy at Mt Pelion turn off.


  1. Whiting, bream and Flathead of St Helens Beach.
  2. Javelin fish.
  3. Prawns, baitfish.
  4. Javelin, flathead, barramundi.
  5. Barramundi, javelin fish, golden snapper in deep holes, whiting over flats.
  6. Barramundi in deep holes on outside bends, mudcrabs.
  7. Golden snapper, barramundi on deep bends.
  8. Javelin fish, barramundi, mangrove jack.
  9. Whiting and flathead over flats.
  10. Whiting flathead along beach. Javelin fish, bream around rocks at the end of the beach.
  11. Good hole on bends holds barramundi and mangrove jack.
  12. Crabs, barramundi, mangrove jack, javelin fish.
  13. Good trolling along deep bank.
  14. Deep hole barramundi, javelin fish.
  15. Mud crabs.
  16. Deep bend good for trolling, mud crabs.
  17. Javelin fish, barramundi, bream and flathead.
  18. Mud crabs, javelin fish, barramundi.
  19. Barramundi can be found here.
  20. Good trolling along deep bank.
  21. Barramundi and whiting.