Seaforth Fishing Spots

Victor Creek

Victor Creek is the launching site to access the Rabbit and Newry Islands inshore and Goldsmith Islands further out. Most of the creeks in this area are affected by a large tidal run. A big tide can improve fishing prospects, especially for barramundi and salmon. Bait can usually be found in Victor Creek, and there are yabby beds at low tide near the ramp. The warmer months are best for barramundi, golden snapper, with pikey bream, queenfish and mud crabs best in the dry season. Flathead and whiting are usually avaliable. Creeks further afield offer better fishing, especially for mangrove jacks and mud crabs. The rocky headlands around the islands hold big barramundi during Sept/Oct, with queenfish, trevally and mackerel during the cooler months. Big golden snapper are caught around the islands at night in the summer months, usually with live bait.


Seaforth Fishing Spots Map, Click to enlarge.


  1. Victor Creek Boat Ramp
  2. Seaforth Boat Ramp


  1. Low-tide gutter holds barramundi and salmon. Use shallow lures and quiet approach.
  2. Junction hole holds javelin fish, golden snapper and barramundi. Mud crabs and javelin fish in upper reaches.
  3. Barramundi and salmon on low tide gutters. Whiting and flathead over flat.
  4. Excellent prawning on extensive flats from December to April.
  5. Barramundi and salmon along edges on rising tide.
  6. Scattered rockbar, near low tide, mangrove jacks and barramundi.
  7. Deeper water on bends holds barramundi. Bait can be netted just upstream from Victor Creek boat ramp.
  8. Javelin fish, golden snapper and mud crabs.
  9. Queenfish, trevally and salmon around the islands. Spotted and doggie mackerel on northern points in season along with mixed reef fish especially parot fish.
  10. Reef fish, mackerel, trevally, large golden snapper at night and the odd jewfish.
  11. Most estuary species inside Seaforth Creek mouth.
  12. Good fishing in upper reaches mostly on deep bends. Good spot for family boating, but watch for mud bars.
  13. Jewfish off headland, mackerel, cod some trout, mangrove jacks near rock. Whiting, flathead and the occasional salmon and barramundi off beaches within headland.
Big Barramundi Caught off Seaforth

Big Barramundi Caught off Seaforth

Bluey Caught in Seaforth

Bluey Caught in Seaforth