Constant Creek Fishing Spots

Belmunda Region

Belmunda has several good creeks including, Constant Creek, Nobbler Creek, Bobongie Creek. Launching and traveling is easiest at high tide and a day is best spent launching at high water, and fishing the low and incoming tide. Fish the creek mouth flats for whiting, bream and flathead. Deep water at the front of Constant Creek and on it’s upper deep bends holds large barramundi at times. Stony Point also holds some barramundi, which are usually caught at night. Salmon can be caught in channels near the flats on rising tide. The mangrove edges are worth working with shallow lures as rising water hits them. THis area has large tides and can quickly become rough. Bird rock is worth a troll at high tide for barramundi, queenfish and trevally. Crabbing is good, with the usual seasonal variations in productivity.

Constant Creek, Nobbler Creek, Bobongie Creek Fishing Spots Map, Click to enlarge.

Constant Creek, Nobbler Creek, Bobongie Creek Fishing Spots Map, Click to enlarge.


  1. Landing Creek boat ramp. Follow the Belmunda rd. Ramp is stones and mud and the bottom is treacherous.
  2. Constant Creek Boat Ramp. Follow Howells rd, of Seaforth rd. Steep ramp, care required.


  1. Deep water along bend, fish with live bait, barramundi and mangrove jacks. Whiting, salmon, flathead on sandspit at mouth.
  2. Javelin fish upstream on deadbait.
  3. Whiting, flathead and salmon.
  4. Small creek holds mud crabs, javelin fish, baitfish and prawns.
  5. Whiting, flathead, salmon over flats. Salmon on rising tide.
  6. Excellent deep water for barramundi, salmon, mangrove jacks and javelin fish.
  7. Good trolling along deep bank.
  8. Deep bend, most species.
  9. Trolling, javelin fish on deadbait.
  10. Barramundi on bends, mangrove jacks, cod and bream.
  11. Barramundi and salmon on falling tide.
  12. Small holes, good crabbing upstream in tributaries.