Pet Friendly Accommodation

20140101_073735Seaforth Holiday Units are pet friendly and offer a unique and amazing environment to help you and your four legged friends relax and revitalize. The slow pace of Seaforth town mixed with a quiet village atmosphere give ample opportunity and time to sit back and take in the fresh air. With no loud noises and almost silence after 8pm a good night sleep isn’t hard to find.

Within 200 meters is a large sporting ground and the sparsely populated off leash beach is even closer. Both of which have ample room for some good quality running around and exploring.

There is plenty of excitement and adventure to be found if the pace is getting a bit slow. A popular four legged destination is the walk out to Redcliff Island. The walk starts off at the Northern tip of Seaforth beach and then follows an old stone road out to the islands, which is only accessible at low time. This road was laid by the military a long time ago and serves as a reminder of Seaforth’s rich and colorful history.

If supplies are running low, only a short and scenic drive away there is the larger city of Mackay. It has some of the more exotic dinning requirements that some of our fury and feathered guests have desired.